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Roberto Rodriguez – Top 10 Tracks

Inspired by the likes of DJ Gollum, Scooter and Manian, Roberto took his first steps into the music world at the age of 15 where he began to learn to art of production. Having signed multiple releases on labels such as Exia Recordings, Wolfrage Recordings and Toka Beatz there is a huge demand for his Big Room crossed Bass House tunes. We caught up with Roberto to find out his top 10 tracks.


  1. Pakito – Living On Video

In my opinion, this song is a breakthrough in Electro music. I still remember this song being released to this day.


2.Eric Prydz – Call On Me

I remember when this song was played on VIVA every hour or so. The biggest controversy was probably the music video itself.


3.Vinylshakerz – One Night In Bangkok

Very nice refresh of the song from the last century. It was at the time when songs with “melodic bass” were the big trend.


4.Global Deejays – The Sound of San Francisco

Another great refreshment: these were the heyday of Global Deejays that have not returned to this day.


5.Scooter – One (Always Hardcore)

The year 2004 was the year I started listening to Scooter. I like this song the most, it has incredible power.


6.Benassi Bros Feat. Dhany – Every Single Day

The best times of Benny Benassi. The wonderful vocal of Dhany and rhythmic melody, I just love this track.


7.Darude – Sandstorm

An absolute classic of electronic music. Every year so many remixes of this song are made. When it’s played at festivals it always goes down well!


8.Safri Duo – Played-A-Live

I’m obsessed with the unique style of this duo, which is based on drums. This song is associated with Algida ice-cream advertising still to this day!


9. Jekyll & Hyde – Freefall

From this song, the fashion for the production and dance of Jumpstyle arose. Without a doubt a classic and a breakthrough moment in electronic music.


10.David Guetta – Baby When The Light

This song was created when, in my opinion, David Guetta produced the best music of his career. This song has a nice vocal that does a good job.


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