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Introducing Clambake & Rav3era

Swiss brothers Clambake and Rav3era began their collaborative career back in 2017 and have been responsible for incredible releases such as ‘In The Back’, ‘Stuck On You’ and more recently ‘Booty’ currently out now on Skink Records. Fusing the characteristics of Future, Bass and Electro House, you will often find Clambake and Rav3era’s tracks setting alight to dancefloors in clubs all over the world. We caught up with the boys to find out a bit more about them.


 Tell us a bit about how you both got into music?

Music was always something really important for us. We grew up with it, because our Mother is a really talented Musician and supported us from an early age. Both of us, as children, learned to play an Instrument (Clarinet and Drums). So these were our first steps into the “Musician-World”. The Path to the electronic dance music, we’ve found later on by listening to Radio Podcasts and DJ sets etc. That pushed us to go to Tomorrowland in Belgium and that was the point where electronic dance music grabbed us.


Who are your musical influences?

There are a lot of grandiose DJ and Producers out there but Hardwell and Afrojack are some of our biggest Inspirations. We really love their music.


What is your working relationship like?

We are actually brothers! As everyone who has brothers or sisters knows, there are always small issues, but that’s not so much as an issue for us. It’s usually forgotten the next day.


When did you decide to pair up?

The decision to work as a DJ/Producer Duo came around late 2017 when we decided to give out our Lighthouse-EP together. Previously, we worked separately on our own careers.


How would you sum up your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

You’ll find our music in the Electro House/Bass House/Future House branch. If you like punchy basslines, dirty leads and crazy vocals or maybe something more melodic, then our music might appeal to you.


 Do you have any other hobbies outside of music?

Our biggest hobby is definitely making music! Other than that we both love sport, like Football, Sanda-Boxing and going to the gym.


What is your all-time favourite song?

There are a lot of really great songs! But if we have to decide:

Clambake: Hardwell feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Echo

Rav3era: Afrojack feat. Wrabel – Ten Feet Tall


If you could produce another genre of music, what would it be and why?

Sounds weird, but we would produce classical music, like Hans Zimmer. We really love those epic sounds and the emotions it brings.


Who would you love to collaborate with?

For sure, Hardwell or Afrojack…or both!!!!


What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Our biggest success so far was for us, all the support we have received from big DJ-names and radio stations for our releases.  That’s really incredible and we are very grateful for that.


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