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This or That with Jacob Colon

Jacob Colon has been showcasing his talents with recent releases such as ‘Poetic Justice’ and ‘Bliss’ along with ‘I Want My House Music’ on Crystal Waters’ I Am House Music Records and many more outstanding release on renowned labels under his belt. A firm staple in the New York House scene and an artist on a mission, we caught up with Jacob for a quickfire round.


DJing or Producing?



Club sets or festival stages?

Club sets, they’re way more intimate


Bliss’ or ‘Poetic Justice’?



Summer or winter?

Summer for sure!


Deep groove or heavy beats?

Oo that’s a tough one… let’s go with heavy Beats with a deep groove


Originals or remixes?



Solo projects or collabs?

Solo projects


NY house or Chicago house?

NY House of course!


Behind the decks or in the crowd?

Definitely in the crowd, the vibe is unbeatable!


Big nights out or chilled nights in?

Big nights out


Jacob Colon Online

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