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Joe Hawes – Summer 2020

UK DJ and producer Joe Hawes has grown up engrossed in the music scene whether that be through playing drums in multiple bands to eventually finding his way to the Future House scene where he now produces top-notch tracks and dominates both the Exeter student scene and festivals across the UK. We caught up with Joe to find out how is Summer of 2020 went.


Tell us about one of your favourite summer memories?

Building my brand-new studio! So, I started building it around April time, and with the who world on lockdown, I had to do most of it myself! So it took a few months but by June I was in fully and using my new studio! Given the fact summer didn’t really go to plan, this was an amazing achievement for me!


Name a track that instantly reminds you of summer?

If we are talking of all time, then I LOVE Michael Calfan – Treasured Soul. Something about this brings back some epic summer memories!


Where do you usually go on holiday?

To be honest, it changes so much, I think my most visited place would be Ibiza. But I’d say that’s purely because if I’m going away for a relaxing holiday, I like to go to new places.


What have you missed about summer this year?

FESTIVALS! Honestly, I can’t describe to you how much I’m itching to get back to a festival! Or anything with big crowds! It just really hasn’t been the same!


What is your favourite club to go to during the summer?

Ushuaia wows me every time I have been. I don’t think there is one person who has been and would not be impressed! The atmosphere is just on point!


Best summer festival?

Tomorrowland hands down!


Chilling by the beach or laying by the pool?

If there’s a party, then Pool. If I’m relaxing then it’s the beach!


Have you got a summer highlight?

During lockdown I had 4 close friends all move in with me for various reasons. But spending every day with 4 friends at a time where a lot of people can not see any loved ones was something special, and it certainly made it a summer to remember!


What have you got planned for next summer?

EVERYTHING! Honestly, I think I may go bankrupt! I already have 2 trips to Amsterdam planned, EDC Vegas, Tomorrowland Winter & Tomorrowland. Plus on top of that, there will be various other bits I’m sure will pop up. But that’s what I have planned for now!


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