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Summer 2020 with Wæde Wätts

Influenced by the likes of Above & Beyond and the Anjunabeats roster, their passion for music runs deep in their veins. Both Matt and Jerry have their own successful careers as Theølogy and Table 18 but together as Wæde Wätts, they harness unmatchable energy. Having had a slightly unusual summer this year, we caught up with Matt and Jerry to find out what they love best about summer.


What is your favourite part of the summer?

Jerry: I like the early summer before it starts to get quite so hot. Being from Utah temperatures can reach into the 100’s occasionally. That’s REALLY HOT. I think 38 for other countries who use Celsius.


MJB: Oddly, I love getting into my car when it’s blistering hot and just sitting there and taking it in. It gives me sauna vibes. Then I need AC because I sweat like a gross behemoth.


Best summer festival?

Jerry: I would have to say EDC Las Vegas but that the only one that I have really been to.


MJB: I haven’t been to any good festivals, actually. I was supposed to go to EDC, but you know… Covid…


Best venue to go to?

Jerry: This is a tough one… For a view: “The Gorge” For sound: Red Rocks. For overall experience: subjective to what you’re after but I love Pool Parties. Specifically Encore Beach Club/Surrender at The Wynn in Las Vegas.


MJB: My favorite venue was Epic nightclub in downtown Minneapolis, but it closed. I really, really was blown away by the Gorge though. What a fantastic sight to see. Pictures don’t really do it justice. You have to go.


What have you missed the most this summer?

Jerry: DJing/Vegas trips/Pool Parties. Social distancing is necessary right now but it doesn’t mean I like it.


MJB: DJing at pool parties. They are some of my favorite spots to play at. Also traveling. I really, really miss traveling, especially internationally. I’ve been stuck in the States far too long now haha.


What is your favourite holiday destination?

Jerry: There are 3 categories for me 1: Tropical island paradise. I love Bali. So many incredible things to do and see. 2: Hiking Mountains/Adrenalin Junkie trips. Has to be New Zealand, Queenstown, Milford Sound.  3: Historical locations. Paris, France. So many museums to see and so much history to learn.


MJB: The Netherlands: It makes me happy when I get to be in the greatest country on earth. Other than that, Japan, Korea, or visiting Jerry in China would be my top spots. I. Love. Asia.


Have you got any top tips for staying cool?

Jerry: I can’t be certain, but if loving Star Wars doesn’t make you cool, I don’t know what does.


MJB: Hey guys, I’m Dr. Steve Brule, with another Brule’s rule for you. Are you hot in the summer days? Just buy a fan from Walmart, ya dingus! (For your health)


Does your music change at all during the summer months?

Jerry: It can. Tends to be more poppy and happy in previous years. But the pandemic stricken summer has been unlike any other and unfortunately I haven’t had the best spirits about it.


MJB: My tastes change mostly in the fall, to be honest. I am captivated by the change in fall. I am very much driven by change in general, so if I’m changing things in my life a lot, my music is always better than it was while I was in a routine/rut.


Name one thing you are looking forward to doing next summer?

Jerry: Anything that can allow DJing music in front of a lot of people IN REAL LIFE haha.


MJB: Getting out of the States! And then DJING IN REAL LIFE WITH THE ONE AND ONLY JERRY CLARK TEBBS III JR. SR.!!! Haha but actually. It’s been way too long since we’ve played together thanks to COVID. I really cannot wait.


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