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Quickfire Questions with Blank Page

Greg Newman, aka Blank Page is a DJ and producer from South London previously gaining support from BBC introducing for his EP release. With Greg’s alias Blank Page you will find big Progressive House tunes and his other alias ‘Newman & Me’ the tracks are much darker. There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Blank Page, find out what he had to say in our quickfire questions below.


Best gig you’ve played?

London’s disco pub The Horse & Groom. Quality vibe in there.


Favourite venue?

Phonox in London. Class venue, never overcrowded and always great DJs.


Best childhood memory?

Winning the league with my childhood football team and my manager running on the pitch spraying everyone with lemonade.


CDJ or Vinyl?

CDJs… So much more you can do with them, and I’m not old enough for vinyl J


Ibiza or Berlin?

Ibiza (and yes I’ve been to Berlin).


Funniest career moment?

Plunging Ministry Of Sound into silence when DJing and my friends continuing to dance on while we sorted it out!


Biggest inspiration?



Favourite food?

Fried chicken… South London boy after all! Morley’s is king.


The biggest mistake you’ve made DJing?

See “funniest career moment”!


Favourite release of all time?

Deadmau5 – Strobe or Swedish House Mafia – Leave The World Behind… Can’t decide, it’s like choosing between your children!

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