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Omari MC Music Promo – Tread Carefully

As a large percentage of our readers here are actively working on music projects, this PSA may save you some money given that such a high quantity of the dance music world releases content that the stricter judges of ‘explicit’ content may not agree with.  If by chance you stumble into the Omari MC music promo service through their targeted social media advertising which will very possibly pop up on your news feed if the likes of Facebook detect you are indeed someone that releases music – be sure to read the small print or you might be out of pocket without receiving any services.

It would seem there’s more than just a couple of others out there that have taken issue with their work.

Now the video above, there’s not much to say about that as it’s aside to what we’ve seen and may just be coincidental. But what you absolutely do want to be careful of, is not submitting something that is not squeaky clean, as not only will it be declined – they’ll also try and charge you for the privilege of being refused service.

You can find out more about Omari MC here:

They could be great – you just make sure the read the small print before you part with your hard earned money.

This is not a review, but always do your homework when dealing with promo services. Make sure you check for organic reviews. 5 star reviews are always nice, but make sure you read the 1 stars too as they can sometimes open the door to something less impressive.

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