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Stefanie Black – Behind The Scenes Of ‘Diva’

Stefanie Black is the sensational artist who may be most known for her appearance on a certain German talent show, but we have come to know and love her brilliant song writing and inspired lyricism. Her latest single ‘Diva’ is a no shame pop classic, much different to her usual sound but still great in its own special way. We wanted to learn more about the track so we caught up with Stef and asked her some questions about ‘Diva’!


We love this one, do you think it’s one of your favourites?

It’s definitely one of my favourites. I love how it is very tongue and cheek and easy to move to.


Influences are important, but this has such an innovative sound. How do you describe the Stef Black sound?

I think the sound varies from song to song. On some it’s more of a mysterious sound, on some a sad sound and on some a happy, cheerful sound. It all really depends on the mood of the song that I’m singing.


Was it an easy track to start and finish. or did it take a while?

It took a while. In the beginning, we had a much simpler track with fewer effects. Then we listened to it and decided to re-record the whole thing, bring a little bit more pep into it, and then we re-recorded the vocals to fit better with the new track. It definitely took some time.


How does this one differ to what you’ve made before now?

My other songs are usually slower and more tragic, with some bittersweet lyrics and double meanings. This song is a bit more fun, light and free spirited and easy to dance to.


Do you have any tracks coming up in the next few months we should listen out for?

I’m currently working on some new songs, but I’m not sure when they will be finished or released yet. Hopefully soon!


Are you looking forward to performing this one at any shows?

I can’t wait to perform this song live. In my head I already have this choreography and costume that I want for it, but we’ll see what happens. I just can’t wait to finally sing it live.


Last but not least, where can we get our hands on the track?

You can get the song either on my website or in the Playstore, iTunes, Amazon or other online stores.

Thanks Stefanie!

Stefanie Black Online

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