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VAVO drops major track ‘Day N Night’ on Kess Records

VAVO are a duo who have absolutely dominated the EDM scene recently. They have been featured on renowned streaming playlists on Apple Music and Spotify such as Friday Cratediggers, Dance Rising and Mint along with Apple Music’s Dance XL, All Day Dance and Breaking Dance. Not to mention topping Billboard and gathering the support from industry superstars.


Now they are back with a brand-new tune called ‘Day N Night’ which is a super sexy Future House tune that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood and even get you dancing! A deep and driving groove that leans towards the bassier side of the spectrum offers a stunning depth to the beat that grips you by the soul. The perfectly produced tune then shows off a stripped back mid-section that makes for a smooth transition into the stupendously catchy chorus.


Working with ZHIKO once again after the major success of ‘Anything For You’, it’s refreshing to see such talented vocalists and producers show off something fresh and different with every track that’s released. VAVO’s diverse repertoire reaches audiences across the world where their appreciation is shown every single day. The boys stay well ahead of the curve and there is always an excitement whenever there are talks of a new release on the horizon.


With Kess Records behind them, Jesse and Alden are an unstoppable duo. ‘Day N Night’ is out now in all store so check out the links below to grab yourself a copy.


Listen to ‘Day N’ Night’


Purchase link:


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