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Vampire Sex Unveils Their New EP ‘Love At First Bite’

Vampire Sex presents their new EP ‘Love At First Bite’ via House of Huemans. The DJ/Music production duo is ready to share their new sounds with the world; hailing from Miami, and both of Colombian descent, they have found a way of blending seamlessly their love of Electronic Dance music with productions that display elements from Tech House, Deep House, Techno, Minimal-Tech, and Latin influences. 

Now, the duo introduces their latest production, a 3-track EP of Tech House and Minimal/Deep Tech tracks that display their unique and uplifting sound and style. 

The first track, ‘Estilo’ features a powerful beat that starts the track, the groovy and heavy bassline merges together with the processed rhythmic vocal sample and playful sound elements to create an energetic and driving dance floor anthem. An edgy and striking Tech House track, this song serves as a great opener for the EP. 

Next in line is ‘Disco Party Baby’, where a groovy and thumping bassline drives the track, orchestral hits strike sharply within the song, marking specific moments in the track, while the energetic beat maintains the energy of the party. A drop unleashes a hard-hitting and electrifying vibe that surrounds this track.  

Finally, it comes ‘That’s Jack’ that starts off with an energetic steady beat, the groovy bassline joins the mix to drive the song forward. The haunting but infectious beat and bassline keep the energy of the party going. The underlying and powerful bassline and playful vocal sample maintain the energetic sonic journey.  

A groovy yet infectious listening experience ‘Love At First Bite’ surely showcases Vampire Sex’s innate talent and skills that prove their potential to become a force within the Electronic Dance Music scene worldwide in the coming future. 

Make sure to follow Vampire Sex to learn more about their latest releases, live shows and projects, as their music journey has certainly just begun. 

‘Love At First Bite’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

Listen and buy ‘Love At First Bite’ now 

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