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The new and improved Dance Music Manual: Tools, Toys and Techniques is out now

Rick Snoman’s highly acclaimed guide to everything Dance Music has just been re-released for it’ 4th edition. The new and improved fourth edition covers processes and techniques used by music producers, masters, mixers, and DJs as well as how to promote yourself as an artist. The book is one of the longest-running educational utilities of its kind and set the standard for publications in the electronic music domain.


The Dance Music Manual is a must-have for both budding and established producers as it explores the depths of a selection of sub-genres and breaks it down into easy, manageable steps to ensure anyone can create the signature sound.


One of the newest chapters features valuable advice on Publishing and Promotion for both DJs and Producers authored by PR specialist Matt Caldwell. Matt has had an illustrious career in Dance Music that spans over a decade, after working in many sectors Matt now runs his own PR Company where he works with top artists and labels across the globe.


Matt has included everything that is essential for promoting any producer or DJ and how to make a fuss in the press with tips on writing top-notch press releases and who to send them too. He also highlights the importance of having a strong online presence through social media, imagery and biographies. This detailed and up to date chapter will help to clear the murky waters of promotion and allow artists to lead a much easier life.


As with previous editions of this book, the fourth edition will be a staple in the educational diets of thousands of Producers from around the world from the biggest talents in the game, right down to day one starters.


‘The Dance Music Manual’ is available now via Focal Press (Routledge)


Hardback and Kindle Edition available on Amazon


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