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Michael Push releases ‘Don’t Give Up On Love’ along with 4 remixes!

London based DJ Michael Push delivers a package of remixes of his latest single “Don’t Give Up On Love”. Michael’s latest track is to be a club primed hit complete with powerful beats and a soulful top line from the incredible vocal talent, Latisha. The classic house piano and deep bassline drive the track along with intermissions of killer breakdowns.


‘Don’t Give Up On Love’ also comes with 4 other versions of the track to show just how musically versatile Michael Push can be. The 4 remixes of ‘Don’t Give Up On Love’ feature musical stylings such as a vocal focused 90’s mix, a heavier club mix for the ravers, a UK remix and lastly an emotive remix for when you want to slow things down a bit.


Originally from Sardinia, Michael has always had an ear for music writing melodies and lyrics from a young age. Having always been attracted to pop music and club music, his tracks combine romantic choruses and lyrics with powerful beats. Michael broke into the mainstream with his 2012 release on Restylers Records. ‘Freeze’ featuring Moonfish entered MTV’s Top 10 Dance Chart, reaching a number 3 position. The single was later licensed to Disco:Wax label in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Now back in the game with top-notch releases 2019/20 is looking to be huge for the Italian DJ and producer.


‘Don’t Give Up On Love’ is out now on White Lips


Check out ‘Don’t Give Up On Love’


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