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Markus Swarz & CJW – Collision EP

Returning into the new decade after a short hiatus, Wirelab Records have wasted no time in stamping into the new decade with the release of ‘Collision EP’ – a meeting of two minds in the shape of label boss CJW and German Techno stalwart Markus Swarz who touches down on Wirelab for this heady double tracker EP of distinct and refined Techno.

Fronting the EP is lead track ‘Cryo’ which delves into a dreamy and melodic realm of contrasting flavours with bright and sultry lead plucks in the background and breaks which are shuttled back by the hypnotic bassline and kick workout that carries the main body of the production. Scattered hats and snares do the rhythmic work on the transitions and keep the timing loose and organic as contrast to the on-time thudding kicks. The whole vibe is one for the dancefloor, a tasteful contrast of euphoric rising melodies and Balearic tunes ring out across the spectrum, sending the listener into a trance that makes the 6-and-a-half-minute track length go by in a flash.

‘U-Turn’ is the flipside on this package and delves into a more tribal realm as the rhythmic work is stacked with percussive elements and off-beat snapping snares over a more rolling hi-hat base. Plucks and hits are regular, varied and laced with tight reverbs and tempo-delays, creating a spacey atmosphere in the breaks where a barrage of pads, vocal-like synth layers and FX spiral out of control before locked back into the fundamentals of the kick, bass and ample percussion. It’s a tasteful support act to ‘Cryo’ and wraps up a package that hits the nail on the head.

The combined EP is a solid unit of work, custom made for those long nights in warmer weather environments and custom-designed for a listening experience that sucks the listener into a meditative state of undisturbed attention. It’s a special talent to deliver electronic records that not only sound great, but can also take you somewhere else to get lost in the music, but both entrees on this classy EP deliver that rare impact with style.

‘Collision EP’ is out at the end of January on all good electronic music stores.



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