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This Or That: Sergio T

Sergio T is one of the hottest names to watch so far this year. Releasing original tracks such as ‘Cruel Kids’ to critical acclaim, and starting his own unique online series of ‘Mash Up Sessions’, he has shown himself to be a passionate musician with a desire for more exposure and a high work ethic. As a popular DJ and producer, we wanted to ask some tough questions to Sergio T to find out some of his opinions on all aspects of music.

DJing or producing?

I can’t pick one! I think that both are vital for me! They are two different ways to express myself. I think there is a huge chain between them you have to DJ to be inspired to produce and you need to produce in order to express your point of view!

Analogue or digital?

Again, a combination of both is my favourite! I think that the perfect recipe is to combine them! If you do that the result will be amazing.

Single or album?

Definitely the single is the way to go nowadays! Releasing an album is definitely a more complete, bigger and enjoyable process but I fear that many tunes won’t be heard as much as if they were singles! So I will go for single on this one.

Live recording or midi arrangement?

Wow, you have me saying both again! I’m an instrument player, both guitar and piano, so it would be lies to tell you that I’ve never recorded. I would do whatever it takes for the best result so, if I need a more real feel on the song I will go for live otherwise I will go for MIDI! But I tend to use both!

Collaborations or solo work?

Two different ways to express yourself! Collabs will come out with a result you usually can’t imagine, because it’s not up to just you! Solo work is more a part from yourself coming out, and I tend to do both because I think that they evolve me in different ways!

Guitar or piano?

I started with the guitar at the age of 10 and with piano at 16! I love both of these instruments but I will keep my first love and tool for expression here! So I will say guitar.

Finally – new Sergio T or old Sergio T?

Definitely the new. Everything happens for a reason, so what I have become is what I will stay.

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