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This Or That: Cam Colston

Cam Colston drops in for a quick-fire ‘This Or That’ interview. Based in Las Vegas and a regular on the bubbling nightlife scene as a DJ, Cam has also cut out a reputation as a powerful beatmaker in the studio. With releases on the likes of Ensis Deep, Round Triangle, Smile Creations Music Label, OLD SQL Recordings, Filthy Sounds and Filthy Deep – he’s a talent on the rise and a name that we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the not-so-distant future.

DJing or producing?

I love producing, but DJing is just too much fun to pass up!

Analogue or digital?

The warmth from analogue is great,, but the sheer convenience of digital makes me say digital.

Single or album?

Albums provide the opportunity to add in tracks that you really enjoy and want to share, but might not do well as a single.

Live recording or midi arrangement?

Live recordings are almost always preferable to me. You get the nuance of the human element with the recording.

Collaborations or solo work?

Collaborations are great when everyone is on the same page!

Guitar or piano?

I begin most of my tracks by playing the melody on piano, so that’s where I have to side!

Finally – new Cam or old Cam?

New Cam is loads better in every way than old Cam, and I’m quite proud of that!

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