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Ten Tracks That Made: Adam Holiday

Adam Holiday is one of the names to watch in the coming year. His hard productions and incredible mixing ability make him an all round music maestro, and he is looking to increase his exposure through releases and shows in the coming months. We caught up with Adam to explore the tracks that inspired him to become the artist he is today – and what a list he came up with!

Silicone Soul – Right On

Let’s start from the beginning. This was the record that got me hooked on House music after I heard it on MTV. Not many records are as instantly recognisable just from their beat; making such a catchy hook from a bongo is pure brilliance. You can still drop this today and get the same crazy reaction as when it first came out.

Supafly – Erotic City

This was the first record I bought on vinyl, so it will always have special meaning to me. It’s a remake of a classic track by Prince and it got released on Subliminal Records. Such a funky tune that is still a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

Harrison Crump – Stomp your feet

This track brings back such strong memories of when I first started playing in clubs. I was 17 so we’re going back over a decade, but I still vividly remember this being the biggest record at the time. Every time I played, you could guarantee people would come and request it. Whenever I dropped this tune the whole club would go mad.

Archigram – Carnaval

I´m huge fan of Smoking Jo, she is one of my all time favourite DJs. A few years ago she came to Johannesburg for an event, and she played an amazing set that night which ended with this track… I loved it the moment I heard it!

Who Da Funk – Shiny Disco Balls

The best set I ever heard was Erick Morillo at Pacha on his Subliminal Sessions Night back in 2002. This was the track of the night, as it was so different to the “House” sound at the time and it completely blew the roof off Pacha. It’s just one of those moments I’ll never forget!

Medway – Release

This track first got me in to the dark, driving House sound. It was just so different to the classic House vibe back at the time when it was released, which tended to be quite vocally and funky. This one really stood out to me because I love the dark progressive feel; the vocals and effects are brilliant.

Paul Van Dyk – For An Angel

I’m a big fan of old school, melodic, uplifting Trance – this track is my all time favourite Trance track. Paul Van Dyk is such an amazing producer and has brought out so many memorable songs; this is a perfect example.

Praise Cats – Shined on Me

This is another track I can listen to over and over; it’s my go to tune after a bad day! There’s just something about that vocal that instantly puts a smile on my face. I also use the acapella in a lot in my sets and it always seems to work when you feel the crowd needs a bit of uplifting.

Kings of Tomorrow – Finally

Who doesn’t like this tune? I loved this track from the moment I first heard it. DJ´s are still using the acapella in their sets today. It’s such a timeless track and I guarantee we’ll still be hearing it 20 years from now!

Everything but the Girl (EBTG) – Missing (Todd Terry Remix)

This is the one! I think this has to be my all time favourite track, as it’s just one of those timeless tunes that you can listen to over and over. There has been a few good remixes of this one, but my favourite is still the Todd Terry remix. Everything about this track is brilliant. It’s one of those that brings a feeling of nostalgia and takes me back to all the times and places I’ve heard it over the years – absolute classic.

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