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Sir Ivan drops ‘Happy Together’ remix package

Sir Ivan’s music has previously been in the company of music from the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran and Florence and The Machine in both the US and UK charts.


He has now turned his attention to curating a remix package to rework his 2009 cover of the Turtles 60’s hit ‘Happy Together’. Recruiting the very best talents in the electronic music industry, Sir Ivan has put together a package of remixes from the likes of 7th Heaven, DJ’s From Mars, Ralphi Rosario, Moto Blanco and Bimbo Jones, all of which offer a different perspective that collectively makes a stunning bundle of beautiful tracks.


With a keen passion for social activism, Sir Ivan has always pushed for his passions to the forefront of his musical agenda with the co-writing of ‘Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye’ which went on to be produced by the legendary Paul Oakenfold which highlighted the seriousness of bullying towards the LGBT community. Sir Ivan has also championed his views on anti-terrorism and mental health awareness.


The release of ‘Happy Together’ will include a radio, club and dub mix so you can play the tune in any situation!

Check out the remixes here: 


Sir Ivan Online:


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