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NATHASSIA Discusses Her Aspirations and Future With ‘My Future Self’ Interview

Looking back on the artist you were a few years ago, how would you say you’ve changed? 
The main change is that I learned to be a DJ which has opened up a lot of new opportunities.

 How do you think the scene will change in the future?
I think there will be more and more amazing music, yet more genres surfacing and way more technology.

What is at the top of your bucket list? 
To fly to the moon!

What will be the one achievement where you think ‘I’ve made it’?
Mmmm I don’t think it would be one thing, but I sure would feel on top of the world picking up a Grammy at some point!

How do you think your music will sound in the future?
More experimenting with sound design and exploring the recording of rare instruments.

With technological advancements, what do you think DJing and producing will be like in the future?
Ah a great question, lots more software to enable greater interactive performances and an array of real time connectivity tools between the artist or DJ and their music and live visuals.

What plans do you have for yourself musically/career wise in 3 years from now? 
Performing sell out shows, DJing at some of my favourite festivals & collabs with the biggest artists in electronic dance music.

Finally, if you could leave a message for your future self, what would it be? 
No need to thank me!

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