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Introducing Tommy Jones – Interview

Tommy Jones is an up-and-coming producer from Mexico who moved to the US in the hopes of pursuing a career in dance music. Tommy has had huge success with this song ‘Calling Your Name’ which was supported by Cuebrick and Paul Bingham. Be sure to keep an eye on Tommy as he has more in store for the rest of this year! Find out a bit more about him below.

  1. Hi Tommy! Tell us a bit more about yourself and your first steps into your music career? 

    I first started to produce and work with Hip Pop and R&B Artists.
    I would produce beats on my laptop and sell them. I attended Full Sail University in 2016 and studied Music Production. There is where it all started. I began to explore several types of music genres but then I fell in love with electronic music.

    2. What would you be doing if you didn’t go into music? 

I have no idea actually! Probably acting.

3. Who inspired you the most growing up?

When I was younger I listened to many genres but one of my biggest influences was Mac Miller, I could really relate to his music and the struggles he was going through at the time.

4. Who would be your dream collaborations? 

I would love to work with Calvin Harris; he is a phenomenal producer and has such a unique sound that every single song he puts out is a hit.

5. If you could be stuck in an era of music what would it be and why?

I believe in the future. Music is always evolving and as a producer, you have to be able to adapt to what is current otherwise you will fall behind.

6. Have you got any hidden talents?

I can rap!

7. How would you describe your music to people? 

I would describe my music as being a mixture of House but with modern sounds, I always try to innovate and create sounds that have never been made before.

8. Where would you like to see yourself in 3 years time? 

Three years from now I see myself touring the world and playing the biggest festival there are.

9. If you could have one meal for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Chick Fila spicy burger, it doesn’t get better than that!

10. What made you fall in love with Electronic dance music?

You can create anything from scratch, and you can make music that people have never heard before.

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