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IND:RA Adds His Unique Touch to Motorcycle’s ‘As The Rush Comes’

Producer/DJ IND:RA releases his latest remix: a Melodic House & Techno rework of Motorcycle’s hit track ‘As The Rush Comes.’ As he brings another remix to his catalogue of releases, IND:RA shows his creative motivation to remain high, keeping his creativity driving forward as he breathes new life into the Motorcycle track. With the remix showcasing IND:RA’s ability to merge classic melodies with contemporary electronic elements, this latest production offers a fresh yet familiar sound, curating a dynamic energy to captivate audiences across the globe.   

Having spent twenty years gaining experience on the Electronic Music scene, IND:RA has honed a style that blends House, Techno, and other sub-genres. Born in India and now based in London, IND:RA’s versatility and technical skill have earned him performances at prestigious venues such as the Ministry of Sound and The Egg, garnering him the credit of being the only Indian Artist to secure a residency at London’s Hakkasan. Continuing to ensure his impact on the scene extends beyond his performances and productions, IND:RA founded his label, Desert Disco Records: playing a role in promoting and nurturing talent within the industry, the label, much like IND:RA himself, appears dedicated to exploring and celebrating the diverse facets of House and Techno, maintaining ambition when it comes to solidifying a unique and distinct place within the genre.   

Sustaining his commitment towards his craft and displaying his talents once again, IND:RA’s remix of ‘As The Rush Comes’ serves as a powerful reminder of his ability to reinterpret classic tracks while maintaining their core essence. By infusing the original with his signature euphoric details and driving beats, IND:RA offers a fresh take that honours the quality of the song while introducing it to a new generation of listeners. A soundscape detailed with pounding rhythms, pulsing synths, atmospheric lines, and a powerful low-end, balancing the innovative arrangement with the familiar vocals, IND:RA’s rework introduces compelling energy, designing a hypnotising sonic journey to ensure listeners remain excited by the evolving production and its enthralling sound.   

A Producer and DJ who continues to push the limits of his creativity, raising it to new heights with each release, IND:RA upholds his status as an original innovator on the scene. So, stay tuned, and be sure to keep up to date with IND:RA by following him across social media. ‘As the Rush Comes (IND:RA Bootleg)’ is out now and available to stream. 

Listen and Download ‘As the Rush Comes (IND:RA Bootleg)’ Now:      

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