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Discover the Punchy Sound of ‘Lost’: a Collaborative Production From Angel Parilli and Bobby John

Angel Parilli has linked up with the Vocalist Bobby John for their new Progressive House release, ‘Lost’. Having just recently dropped his solo production, ‘Interstellar’, Angel Parilli appears to be carrying on with his momentum, remaining motivated as he releases yet another production for his listeners to immerse themselves in. As the pair comes together, combining each of their creative forces to produce a track that is as bold in sound as it is in energy, fans should expect an enthralling sonic experience, one that will surely have them hitting repeat. 

With Angel Parilli quickly making a name for himself within Electronic Music, the talented Producer and DJ has become known for his unique signature style that takes inspiration from a variety of sonic influences: from the genres of Progressive House, Tech House, and Melodic Techno, Angel Parilli has crafted a sonic identity that is a distinct expression of his inspirations, background, and musical journey so far. Having produced for other artists across genres like Trap and Hip Hop, the versatility of Angel Parilli’s talents now supports the creation of his own work, providing him with a diverse skillset that enables him to produce impactful music. 

Bobby John himself comes to this new production with his own set of accomplishments; having written tracks for several Artists, including number one tracks for Serena Ryder and Olivier Dion, and having collaborated alongside numerous other gifted creators, Bobby John has no doubt been carving an exciting way within music.  

Opening with an uplifting piano, plucking synth, and underlying pads, the vocals of Bobby John soon enter to drive the track forward; then, the energy begins to rise as the pounding beat, powerful bassline, and intense rhythms join the mix. With the arrangement of ‘Lost’ creating an engaging listening experience, captivating in the shifting energy levels that Angel Parilli builds through various silences, breakdowns, and drops, the production no doubt comes as a thrilling listen. As the soundscape keeps evolving with added layers of hard-hitting details, including punchy leads, synth hits, and the introduction of a bold guitar hook, ‘Lost’ grows into a track that is detailed in sound and driving in energy. 

A display of Angel Parilli’s individuality when it comes to his sound, and the enveloping vibes of Bobby John’s vocal style, ‘Lost’ is surely a must-listen for any fan of Angel Parilli, Bobby John or lovers of the style. So, be sure to dive in and discover the punchy energy of ‘Lost’ for yourself, and stay up to date with both Angel Parilli and Bobby John by following them across social media. ‘Lost’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms.  

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