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Check Out ‘VOBEN’ Brand New EP ‘Beginnings’

Hungarian Tech House and Melodic Techno upstart VOBEN are a duo with a long and varied past in both electronic and other forms of music that have come together for something new and exciting for 2020 and beyond as two minds comes together to output a new project that explores the depths of underground focused club music. The benchmark in this new venture falls to the freshly pressed ‘Beginnings EP’ – a four-tracker package that showcases their production prowess and creative energy in true style.

Lead track ‘Beginnings’ brings together traditional House vibes with a Tech-edged core that is laced with Minimal-esque percussive hits and clicks under a charming top synth that blends together for a thoroughly enjoyable and danceable listen. ‘Endless Melody’ gets a shuffle and groove on as tribal-sounding rhythmic sections churn out a skippy drumline over a moody bassline. Stuttered atmos synths move up and down the frequency spectrum and modulate in various forms to create a meditative record that’s just as good on headphones as it would be on the dancefloor. Wrapping up the EP is ‘Highlife’ which gives a subtle nod back to classic Trance in plucked lead arp which rotates through the production. The leads and melodic elements all scream analogue flavour and perfectly bring together that contrasting story of melody and direct Techno which seems to be at the core of the VOBEN signature sound.

It’s a stellar package from VOBEN and one that will make great strides to establishing their project to the international audiences that will likely be hearing them for the first time here on this stacked EP.

VOBEN’s ‘Beginnings EP’ is out now in all stores worldwide via BRAIN PAIN RECORDS.




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