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Check Out This New EP From Naylo – Right Here

Touching down on promo we have the highly anticipated Remix EP for Naylo’s recent release ‘Right Here’. Following the successful release of ‘Right Here’ in April which saw an entry into the Top 100 Beatport Melodic House and Techno Chart, in addition to entering the Australian iTunes Top 50 Chart, we are excited to present the Remix EP featuring heavyweight Remixes from across the globe and covering a wide variety of genres that add a series of new twists to Naylo’s original production.

Dino Maggiorana (formerly Phunk Investigation) leads the way with a thumping Techno Remix to follow up numerous Beatport Top 100 positions in 2020. Dino’s production work needs no introduction and this latest incarnation of one of underground electronic music’s most prominent beatmakers carries the weight and style that made him one of the best at what he does.

Next up Droplex is joined in collaboration with Steve Kid as they deliver a high energy pulsating Electro House Remix which throws out a slamming stack of warped bass synths and atmospherics that’ll do the damage on any dancefloor worth its weight in gold.

Shortround joins the action with a mouth-watering Remix containing elements of the Melbourne style from his home city with a dash of Acid whist packing a big room punch fit for the festival Main Stage. The outrageous 303-lines give this remix a sonic boom that is only accentuated further by the ripping-synths and hefty bass.

From Brazil we have Henrique Camacho on board featuring his heavy hitting, high BPM Psy Tech style that packs a real hi-energy punch at 160bpm sure to keep the ravers stomping. Pushing the tempo north gives a whole new vibe to Naylo’s original and ensures that this remix EP really does have something for everyone.

Rounding out the Remixes we have from the depths of Russia, Tesla & Michael Felix collaborating to deliver a dark room party starter with their pulsating Minimal Techno Remix of ‘Right Here’. Opting for a bass-led groover of a synth on their submission, we’re totally wrapped up in the swing of the low end subs which contrast with the stiff hi-hats.

Enjoy this latest offering on Hungry Koala Records!

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