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Behind The Scenes: US FT. Rhia Major – Turn It Up

US are the up and coming duo based out of Mexico and London, and the masterminds behind ‘Turn It Up’. After successful releases of ‘Blinded by Love’ and ‘Evolution’ last year, they have kick started 2018 with the raw, emotional experience of their newest single and taken the next step in their quickly progressing career. Featuring the vocals of Rhia Major, the track takes the listener on a journey in to the creative power of the producers and was released through Royal Ravers last month. We caught up with the guys to learn a bit more about how the track came in to existence and get behind the scenes of ‘Turn It Up’.

So guys – can you sum up the inspiration behind the track?

The inspiration is always to create the best sound for the crowd, and to create something that stands out!

It’s a great release; do you think it is a sign of things to come in the next year for you?

We are always constantly working behind the scenes, and 2018 we have A LOT scheduled for release, including an independently released EP we are working on called ’20US’. We aim to be more consistent from now on.

How exactly did the whole track come to exist? What was the production process?

As usual, Ubaldo came with the ‘vibrant, in your face’ production, and as soon as I (Sober) heard the track, I imagined it being a tune to turn up and get the crowd pumping. That’s the reason nine times out of then that it is easy for ‘us’ to piece together our sound. To create an even better vibe, we also brought Rhia Major to the table, which helped modify and create the substance of the melody and give the track a sexy sound.

You explore a few different styles within the track, do you enjoy blending genres together?

Yes! It’s always good to take the people to different places via the elements of your track, and it also shows diversity.

How intricate of a process is it to complete one of your tracks?

Depending how creative or inspired we are feeling will depend on how difficult the process is! But we always try to keep it simple, with attention to detail of course.

Obviously this is the finished product – but how long were you working on the track on the whole?

We worked on this track for about 3 months, as we are always working on other material at the same time. We always tend to come back to our original project, just so you don’t get stuck in the cycle of 1 sound, but also to make sure the workload doesn’t get too heavy.

Finally, can we have a few words to sum up the track in your own words?

Fresh, loud and vibrant!

Thanks guys!

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