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BEHIND THE SCENES: Saladin’s ‘Feel My Bass’ EP

2018 starts with the release of Saladin’s ‘Feel My Bass EP’ courtesy of Phunk Junk Records. The Electro House infused release is full of bangers, and is the perfect start to the New Year from a producer we think is going to step up and keep progressing. We caught up with the Chicago based producer to get a bit more information on the EP and learn more about his work!

So Saladin – can you sum up the inspiration behind the name and why you chose it?

To be honest, Saladin is my last name! I was originally using my full name then a friend of mine told me to just go by Saladin. One simple word and that’s how I became Saladin!

It’s a great release; do you think it is a sign of things to come in the next year for you?

Yes, this EP has had some great attention and support from some bigger names. I’ve had some great feedback on the release and the release hit the Beatport charts within the first 2 days and stayed there for 2 weeks, continuing to gain recognition.

‘Demons In My Stereo’ is a real genre-blending adventure, what’s the method in the madness?!

When I produce a track, I try not to be a ‘Cookie Cutter’ producer and duplicate everyone else’s sound. You need to use familiar sounds and techniques to let people recognize a certain sound, but you also need to add your own flavor to the song too. A lot of times I use similar bass and percussion methods to make the song a ‘Saladin Signature’.

You explore a few different styles of Dance music within the EP, did you always set out to have it like this?

I wanted each song to be similar in many ways but also wanted it to be different. No one wants to hear multiple songs that all sound exactly the same. I even dove into the world of Dubstep for one of the tracks! I wanted people to listen and be like “wow, he totally changed it up right here!”

‘Win It All’ is another example of your unique production style – how long does it usually take you to finish such an intricate track like this?

I mean I can come up with the main parts of the song in 30 minutes if I have a good workflow going, but what I usually do is wait a few days, go back to the project and listen again. To see if I still like what I did days before! Then when it comes to mixing and mastering, that’s additional time. But I believe I spent approximately 5 hours total on ‘Win It All’.

Obviously this is the finished product – but how long were you working on the EP as a whole?

The EP took me about 2 months on and off of listening back and forth and tweaking. I had 2 other songs in consideration for this EP but decided not to add them and figure I will use them in the future for another release.

Finally, when is the EP out and where can we get our hands on it?

The album is currently available in all the digital download stores including Beatport, Traxsource, iTunes, as well as streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music!

Buy ‘Feel My Bass’ on Beatport:

Saladin Online:

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